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What is Evergleam Hill?

A single-player game with a simple objective to mine for gold and in return receive real-life coupons and prizes.

A cozy little village, Evergleam Hill is where this game takes place. As a player, you take the role of a new villager who has come to Evergleam Hill to make your fortune by mining for gold.

Customer Journey

By using HOT, you can be anywhere in the world and take advantage of all the prizes and promotions you find in Evergleam Hill

Interact with millions of users through in‑game ads


Make your brand come to life through Evergleam Hill

Our Launch Partners

  • Lazada
  • D’Oro
  • Mister Donut
  • Baskin Robins

Embark on the Evergleam Hill journey and stand to win exclusive prizes

While most games only give players the satisfaction of gaining high scores and winning virtual goods, embarking on the Evergleam Hill journey empowers players to dig their way to real prizes.

So if you are thinking of working your way to your next watch, tablet, or mobile phone start playing Evergleam Hill today.

Bridging the online to offline economy with cryptocurrency

Evergleam Hill enables businesses and brands to achieve higher visibility with in-game advertising and to engage with potential customers throughout the game journey

Game Character

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